Friday, June 8, 2018

The unexpected health risk you face every day

When it comes to health and wellness we often look at the things we put into our body via diet and supplementation, but it is not as often that we consider environmental factors and their impact on the body. This short blog post will give a brief overview on one of the most insidious and common factors in your health and wellness, that you likely hardly ever think about.

What is EMF exposure?
EMF stands for electromagnetic field. When we hear about EMF’s it is referring to a type of electromagnetic radiation. We experience these fields every day, from microwaves and radiowaves, to wifi signals and household appliance cords. These waves exist on a spectrum, and while the low frequency waves have been shown to be potentially harmful with extended exposure (household appliances, radios), the higher frequency waves have generally been shown to be much more hazardous (cell phone towers, microwaves etc). These waves are non-ionizing, unlike xrays, gamma rays and UV rays, but there is still evidence that they can be problematic in large amounts. We as a culture are extremely dependent on this form of technology, but we are discovering that we may be inducing a whole host of health issues as a result.
The World Health Organization recognizes the potential EMF problem, and does have guidelines for acceptable exposure. But, remember that anytime we create a guideline like this, it necessarily implies that any level of exposure is negative, but that we biologically can handle a certain amount before we will express symptoms as a result.

Why are they a problem?
Are body is an electromagnetic system, creating it’s own EMF waves. We live under a sun that produces EMF exposure. But, manmade EMF’s tend to be much stronger, and are most always operating at different frequencies. Just as we know we can experience burns and other negative results of the prolonged exposure to UV rays (a type of EMF wave) from the sun, it stands to reason that prolonged exposure to other waves of a different frequency than that of our own body could create problems biologically as well. Strength, duration, density and frequency will all impact the level of influence these waves can have on our health.

How can they affect me?
Studies show that these high frequency waves can interfere with cell signals and affect everything from sleep, to the immune system, to your DNA.
While anecdotal, thousands and thousands of people have reported worsening health symptoms when wifi or smart meters were installed in their homes. Many of these same people experience and immediate relief of symptoms when simple precautions are taken to decrease exposure.
We know also that mold growth is increased dramatically in the presence of EMF. As someone who has been massively impacted by health issues as a result of mold, I don’t think this is a small thing to consider.

The scientifically documented list of possible side effects to prolonged exposure include (but are not limited to) the following:
-          Brain Fog
-          Cancer
-          Insomnia
-          Hormone issues
-          Anxiety
-          Frequent and acute illness
-          Depression
-          Dizziness
-          Vertigo
-          Adrenal Fatigue

What now?
While it is hard to truly measure how much EMF exposure may or may not be effecting us, there are some simple steps we can take to reduce our level of exposure right away.

1.       Use ethernet when possible rather than WIFI
2.       Unplug your WIFI at night
3.       Put your phone in airplane mode whenever you are not actively using wifi and don’t need to receive calls
4.       Use speakerphone when you are making or receiving phone calls
5.       Don’t place your laptop on your lap
6.       Don’t use Bluetooth headsets and consider Bluetooth speakers in the car instead
7.       Replace fluorescent bulbs with incandescent bulbs instead
8.       Get rid of smart meters
9.       And most of all, take a break from your digital devices!


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I am the rock, for you are the rock
You in me, and I in you
Firm against the waves that pound
Crashing but go no further

You go before, and stand behind me
I am hidden in your strength
The water swirls around me
Finds no path. I, in your cleft

I'm wet, but the waves go no further
I won't call myself broken
Because I look at the stone
I don't dwell on the water

Safe on my sacred ground I stand sure
Our strength will break the next wave
The sun will dry the water
My heart knows, I am the rock

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Possibility pulsing through my veins
My heart aches with the fullness

Light coursing from my pores
Tender and certain as a spring

My soul erupts with sense of worth
Fragments of love fill these footsteps

Wholeness is my grace and portion
I've surrendered to your boundless flow

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Reveal

Eyes averted to shut it down
they are called windows to the soul
and I'm afraid to let you see mine

Seen before, it was rejected
and right now it feels easier
to hide it behind a facade
You meet my gaze you're not afraid
do you really want to see me?
don't you know the failures you will find?

I can fill up the space with words
but smiles can't hide the feelings there
tumult and a need behind my eyes

If you come in there's no going back 
my heart would be laid bare to see
could you handle the truth you find there?

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


She felt uncovered
That was the feeling
That was the reality

He restored her covering
Kinsman redeemer
Bridegroom and friend

When she feels exposed
Her heart laid bare
He moves in close

He calls her out
And crowns her in glory
And wraps her in Him

Sunday, February 18, 2018


She's fire and power
Wrapped up in soft 

Bright eyes and wild hair
Flowing in winds of change

Currents in motion
She is the rock

Some days easy to catch
Like still water in a cup

Other days free to fly
Like wings on the breeze

Saturday, February 10, 2018

What is lonely?

Lonely is spending a week with friends
Feeling good
Then leaving and feeling the wall again

Lonely is telling yourself to talk to God 
He listens
But the ache returns nonetheless

Lonely is making plans with friends
They fall through
And a battle of emotions ensues 

Lonely is knowing your feelings are extreme
You should be ok
But you're just not, to your chagrin

Lonely is telling yourself to call someone
Maybe you will
But it won't satiate the ache for long

Lonely is knowing you must feel your feelings
In fullness
Before you'll ever find the other side