Monday, August 1, 2016

Helping hands and Healing hands...

Picture from Global LifeVision Project

In the last three years of working with doTERRA I have grown increasingly impressed by the hearts of the owners and the philosophy that is imbued in every fiber of company events and investments. There are so many great outreaches through the non-profit sister organization Healing Hands, and such a heart for education and empowerment.

But, in addition to DoTerra sponsored outreach, they also seem to attract some of the most self sacrificial and kind souls.

Read here how 3 different doterra Wellness Advocates raise money and education for a variety of great causes:

Obesity/non-processed food awareness

Alzheimers Awareness

Childrens Hospital volunteer

Learn about other sponsored projects here!

And read here for information on all of the amazing outreaches of Healing Hands Foundation!

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