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November 2016 Advocates Share

This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from October 2016. 

During this month, one in which thankfulness plays a big role, are you approaching your business with the same attitude? Thankfulness can truly reinvigorate and revitalize your business. Being thankful for the gift of essential oils and the blessing they provide to your emotional and physical wellness not only makes them more effective (seriously... it's scientifically proven) but will make you a more effective instructor. Being thankful for your customers will come out as you interact with them, increasing your authenticity and relationships with others. Being thankful for the doTERRA business model will increase your ability to share it proudly with others. Being thankful for your team, at whatever level of investment, will help you to better serve and empower them. Start every day with thankfulness and watch to see your business bloom!

I am thankful for the following amazing wellness advocates. They each hold a special place in my heart, and are each some of the most humble and kind people I know. They remind me how thankful I am for heart felt relationships in this business! Read and enjoy learning from these amazing doTerra leaders!

Maggie Dubois

Kim and Chris Paolucci are Elite level wellness advocates from Herndon, VA. They've been enrolled with doTERRA since July 2015. Kim and Chris ranked elite for the first time in October with 6 new wellness advocates or customers enrolled. Here Kim shares her journey in appreciating the blessings of Multi Level Marketing.

I am proud to be a part of an MLM

Perspective, it's all about perspective.

I must admit, I had a life-long stance of avoiding Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) companies like the plague.  It was my perspective that only a select few really made money and everyone else was looking for an easy way out of having to actually work to make a living.   To me, they were cults, forcing one to prey on their family and friends to purchase products no one really needed.

One night I came home from a MLM event, turned to my husband and said, “Well if I fail at life, at least I can join a MLM.  Apparently, I can make just as much as I do at my ‘real job’.  Guess it can be back-up plan… Plan Z”.   In my head, long hours and hard work was the only way to earn good money and be successful.   And besides, why did they force one to host parties and guilt people into buying the product.  If I want to buy something, I will buy it. Step off.

Then I attended a class on doTERRA essential oils.  Maybe it was the host, the teacher, or the product, or all three – but I was in.   Holistic healing was right up my alley and I needed these oils in my life.  Not to sell of course, only to buy.  “I will never sell,” I said. It took me several months to save up money to buy oils.   My dear friend continued to share her love of the oils with me and suggested I sell the oils.  “I will never sell,” I said, again and again.  Well as the Universe would have it, I ended up leaving my job to be a stay-at-home mom and a couple of months later I said, “I want to sell the oils”.

Well, if you recall my previous perspective from a couple of paragraphs ago, you can imagine how this outlook affected my business (if you don’t recall, don’t worry, just diffuse rosemary while you are reading to help boost your memory).  In my head, everyone thought MLM’s were a scam and it was my job to convince them otherwise.  I also grew up with the limiting belief that one must work really, really long hours (nights and weekends) to be successful.   When I spoke to people about the oils, my passion came through.  When I spoke to people about joining with a wholesale account, my uncertainty was evident.   The later prevented me from growing my business.

It took me 9 months to go from Executive to Elite and I believe a large part of that was my own outlook on MLM’s.  Thoughts in my head swirled and were filled with, “Oh poor woman, we should just buy a couple of things to help her”, “Ask a friend to join me in this??? I don’t think so, I am sure they are all talking behind my back” “Oh, here comes Kim, hope she doesn’t try to sell me oils”.  This last one really hurt me; I didn’t want to be that person that always talked about their product – so I did the next “logical” thing and was NEVER that person.  People would say, “So you sell oils?” and I would say, “Yeah” and CHANGE the subject! Or they would mention a problem that I knew the oils could aide them with and I wouldn’t bring it up… because I didn’t want to be that person to prey on others for my own benefit.  

There are several things that changed my point of view.  Brad Sugars, Go Pro by Eric Worre and doTERRA itself.   My husband introduced me to Brad Sugars, billionaire, entrepreneur, and business coach.  We would listen to him every night and one night he spoke about Direct Sales Marketing.  He said, MLM’s were a great training ground for people who want to own their own business and become entrepreneurs.  Typically, they have a low start-up cost and the tools to succeed are already in place.    On top of that, one earns a residual income.  People who start their own business end up being employees for themselves and don’t truly obtain time and financial freedom the way a true business owner should.  This is what makes MLM’s so great, you put the work in now to reap the benefits long term.  That made sense to me and I felt less like a shark and more like a businessperson.

Then I read GO PRO, which stressed that consumers need to be educated and this is why the MLM model is invaluable.  It’s all about education and doTERRA embodies this philosophy.   The light bulb really went off when I was sitting in Jump Start and Riegel mentioned that Dr. Hill believes, we are a MLM that doesn’t operate like a MLM.   I was astounded when she spoke about how Dr. Hill didn’t want to use a MLM business model; he actually wanted to bring the essential oils directly to the medical community and then homes.  However, other owners stressed the importance of building relationships with consumers and coming into the home and teaching them how to use the oils.  This has a powerful impact on the user, much more powerful than any advertisement.

Now, I have a completely different perspective.  I am proud to be apart of a MLM.  I understand that we ALL have the potential to succeed – but you need to be willing to look at yourself, face and overcome your limiting beliefs and persist.  That and you need to love the product you sell – and I love doTERRA essential oils!

Connie McClain is an Elite level wellness advocate from Virginia Beach, VA. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since April 2014 . Connie ranked elite for the first time in October. Here Connie shares how to stay strong when forward momentum is slow.

How to keep with it when growth is slow

Things are slow…it's tough, I know!  Each month, you read of the many rank advancements and wonder when your name will ever appear there.  If anyone has been there, it's me!  Way back in April of 2014, I began my doTERRA adventure.  The first few months were amazing, then things happened, which resulted in me feeling like I had to start over completely…problem was I "ran out of people" and had little money to invest at the time.  I am a determined person, so I wasn't going to let that stop me!  I have a huge desire to succeed, so I came up with my own method to help myself and my business so that I could finally hit Elite.  Here's some pointers that I've come up with (from experience) to keep in mind if you also find yourself in a valley in your doTERRA biz.

1. Use the slow "down time" to educate yourself.  Go to and watch the free videos or and print out some worksheets…check out a couple books and audiobooks from the public library that are on our book list (and take notes!)…dig deeper into your back office and find out something new each week that you may not have discovered before.  Don't be afraid to explore!  Also explore through the company's other online tools, blogs, etc.   Organize…your oils, your paperwork, your contacts.  Research tips for improving on this aspect of your business if it is overwhelming to you.  There are many resources out there that help improve your productivity (Lead Train is one example I use).  If you are truly in this to build a successful business, you need to remember that not everyone's journey is going to be fast!  For some people, slow and steady wins the race!  Steady education helps to get you there.

2.  Reevaluate your "why" and create a dream board.  The combination of the two is an eye-opening revelation!  This will bring you out of a slump, empowering you simply by rekindling that original spark you had when you got your enrollment kit.  Putting your dreams out there to see everyday inspires you to continue on through the slow times.  I created a digital version to use as my computer's desktop, and I also created a separate poster board collage version that hangs in my office.  Keep those uplifting reminders at a spot where you spend a lot of time.  Also, record your why in audio (or video) and listen to it when you are feeling down.

3.  If you can't get classes booked or have tons of no-shows, do NOT give up or throw in the towel!  Persevere!  Be positive!  Positive thinking goes a long way.  Do not throw yourself a pity party and start complaining.  More importantly, thoughts or comments like "this will never work," "I don't have the money to shell out like so-and-so," or "I can't get anyone to come" influence your end result more than you know!  Instead of those negative thoughts, switch your perspective to the positive point of view.  Change your "I can'ts" to "I wills"!!  Likewise, tell yourself something positive everyday.  Write it down in a journal.  When you're down, these positive words to yourself will boost your confidence, which will, in turn, strengthen your business building.

4.  Reach up higher.  You know your upline.  They are awesome!  Go to them!  You are not bothering them…believe me, I've asked many times.  Your success is what they want to see, so reaching out to them for advice, financial assistance on events, or just encouragement is important when things are barely moving on your side.  But I encourage you mostly to reach even higher - rely on God's promises to take care of you and go to Him for blessings on your business endeavors everyday.  With God, ALL things are possible!

So, as I remind my kids when things aren't going quite right…I ask them, "What are the 3 Ps?"  Here is my doTERRA-inspired version to ponder:  What are my doTERRA 3 Ps?  Positivity…Perseverance…Perspective.

Jeanne and Rick Ware are Premier level wellness advocates from Inwood, WV. They've been enrolled with doTERRA since April 2015. Jeanne and Rick ranked premier for the first time in September and enrolled 9 new wellness advocates or customers in October. Here they share on their favorite essential oil topic.

 doTERRA allows the freedom to Achieve and Grow

As a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, the opportunities to be self-motivated are fueled by the desire to achieve and grow.   Where else can you enjoy the freedom to pursue a business opportunity and meet people with the common goal of sharing a product that enables an enriched way of life. The Essential Oils and products offered by our company are “world class” and suit people based on their particular needs and wants.   It is an awesome opportunity as well to be able to share with people on a personal basis how essential oils have improved our lives. Personal testimony pays huge dividends when appropriately shared especially when results are readily evident.   The excitement of meeting people, whether at a training class, or at a booth or a one on one offers the opportunity to grow not only as an individual but also within the business arena.  The freedom to work as little or as much as one desires solely depends on the individual’s goals and aspirations.  With such a superior product in hand, the business world is an endless opportunity waiting to be taken advantage of for personal achievement and growth.  Whether the sweet fragrance aromatically filling a room or the application of an oil, blend of oils or a rub, essential oils have multiple vantage points which enable wellness.  What more could you ask for?  As a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA we truly do have the freedom to achieve and grow, share an excellent product with people looking for alternative wellness opportunities and just appreciate a product that is first class.  Every day brings a new level of excitement, energy and personal satisfaction.  Where else can you approach a day with this attitude about your business, and have the ability to achieve and grow based on your own desires and drive? Plus it is just plain fun.

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