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December Wellness Advocate Share

This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from November 2016. 

We love the holiday season! Partially because of the atmosphere that seems to permeate every facet of life. Places that used to feel plain and boring will often sparkle with decorations or feel more lively with joyful music playing over the loudspeakers. Homes are lit up in and out, food and drink flows, and gifts are given at many an opportunity. 

This holiday season I challenge you to live in a way that lets others feel your "atmosphere". Cultivate a culture, and way of living that is contagious to those around you. If you are joyful, you will certainly find joy around you as those you meet are pulled into your infectious zest for life. If you are graceful and modest you will surely find yourself surrounded by those full of grace towards you. If you are industrious and passionate you will begin to draw passionate team mates around you.

Cultivate the atmosphere of your home and life and watch how everyone around you responds in kind!

Enjoy your holiday season!!!
Maggie Dubois

Britney and Tony Fontichiaro are premier level wellness advocates from ClearSpring MD. They've been enrolled with doTerra since May 2014. They enrolled 11 new wellness advocates or customers in November. Here Britney shares on diligence in building a successful business.


So when at Maggie asked me to write this. I really didn't know what to write about. Should I write about the business end of it? How to get a enrollment? How to be effective team leader? But the one thing that resonated with my heart was diligence. 

You see I started Doterra not with the mindset of starting this as a business, but just to get essential oils for my family. With the Lord leading I started last year around September. And it's been a long road with many ups and downs. But mainly downs. But I know with anything that is good you will have those hard tough roads to follow and to go through. But if you know what's on the end, what your goal is, you know what it's all for. 
There's been many times I've wanted to throw my hands up and say I'm not doing this anymore. But there is a still small voice inside that says "don't give up, it's just around the corner, you're going to make it". Last month was by far one of my biggest enrollment months. But I feel that it's because I have confidence in myself more than confidence in what I have to offer. I definitely believe in what Doterra has, I believe in the essential oils. But I'm learning to believe in myself. And when you believe in yourself, and where you know you're going to go, people realize that. They see that in you and they're drawn to it. And it takes time because the world around us will want to dictate who we are and how we feel about ourselves. But none of that matters because it's who we believe ourselves to be. 

You're strong, intelligent, and are worth something in this world. You've got this business. I'm so very thankful for the people that are around me that they pray with me and they care about my family. Just remember you're not alone, when you're struggling reach out to those around you. Because your up lines in your team are there for you. You got this business! Just remember what your goals are and believe in yourself!

Sherrie Polen is an elite level wellness advocate from Falling Waters WV. She's been enrolled with doTerra since November 2014. Sherrie enrolled 6 new wellness advocates or wholesale customers in November. Here Sherrie shares on being teachable.

Be Teachable

When I consider all the things that led to my current successes I think they can be summed up in “Be teachable”.  

In the past I worked with 4 other direct sales companies, so I thought I knew all I needed to know.  However, working things my way got me nowhere fast.  It’s humbling to reach out to someone to ask for advice, training, mentoring, etc., but by doing what successful leaders have taught me has proven that it’s necessary.  

Lo and behold, I DON’T know everything!  Hmm, who’d of thought? Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If what your doing isn’t giving you the success you’re looking for, you need to change it up!   

Here are some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned through mentoring and attending team trainings.  Nothing new here, but they’re all important if you want to succeed!   

1.  Attend all the trainings you can.  They’re valuable for learning about the product, the business, and meeting and networking with other advocates (which gives you great new friends and often new ideas for working your business).  

2.  Read from (or listen to) a business or personal development book everyday! This practice has kept me from giving up when I’ve hit dry periods where no one seemed interested, or at least “not now”, as well as when I was sick with a chain of illnesses keeping me all but inactive most of this year.  

3.  Mentor with someone that has already been, or is currently at the rank you’re trying to achieve.  Holly is my mentor, and she has helped me see how I sabotage my own success.  Having our weaknesses pointed out helps us overcome them.  I’m still working!  

4.  Commitment!  If you want a successful business you have to work it as a business, not a spare time hobby.  Follow up with the leads you get.  And keep following up until they either join or ask you to stop. Do you realize that most of the sales made to people happen between the 8th and 12th contact?  

5.  Finally, run your business with integrity.  Don’t poach from someone else’s team.  There’s PLENTY of people out there, you don’t have to steal from someone. Don’t forget, what comes around goes around.  I have several people that are not on my team, or our team as a whole, that I’ve invited to my team meetings, and to call me for advice/suggestions/help .  I wouldn’t think of having them deactivate just to join my team.  Remember do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   

Here’s to your success!  

Kelly Wengerd is a director level wellness advocate from Frederick Maryland. She enrolled in October 2016. She enrolled 8 new wellness advocates or customers in November. Being newer to doTERRA here she shares the ways she experienced such a successful launch in the business.

Stepping Out 

When I first started contacting names on my list of 50-100, I thought I didn't know enough about essential oils. When I started talking to friends and telling them about what my experiences had been with essential oils, I found myself able to articulate things I didn't even realize I knew (ex. Carrier oils and explaining what they are and why you might use them with your essential oils). Compared to friends who don't know a lot about essential oils, there is so much I DO know and I that can teach them. Reflecting back I attribute that knowledge to all the weekly calls I've been on: business training, product training, and mentoring calls.

Share your personal experiences, they are relatable.  Don't miss calls, even when you don't think you're absorbing it all, you are absorbing something!

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