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January 2017 Wellness Advocates Share

January 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from December 2016. 

This time of year has everyone ready for a fresh start. I've heard over and over that folks in all types of businesses struggled last year, and sadly doTerra was no exception. But, as we're beginning to see, the upturn has begun and wellness advocates company wide are starting to see an increase in sales and those wanting to pursue the business side of doTerra. 

So, given that we are entering a new season, what should we expect? Well, first we should expect and plan for increase. Be hopeful and expectant and recognize the increased need for and reliance on natural wellness solutions as well as alternative ways to produce income. Secondly, get organized now. We know that the fruit is in the follow up and this is hard to do effectively if we don't plan ahead. Third, and most important, maintain relationship and authenticity first and foremost. Don't sacrifice real relationships for a quick sale, don't pressure new leaders to build your business but find out how to support their business, care about your oil users and team mates alike with reckless abandon and watch how we grow!

Maggie Dubois

Blair Inniss is a premier wellness advocates from Baltimore, MD. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since January 2015. Blair ranked premier for the first time in January with 7 new wellness advocates or customers enrolled. Here Blair shares what it was like to return to a business building role with doTerra after taking a break.

Reinvigorating a business after a break, and doing it my way

I joined doTERRA in January 2015 and considered myself an avid sharer. With Maggie’s help, I made a really manageable plan that brought me exactly what I hoped for. My consistent work paid off and as I started making more money I got greedy. I started trying to actively build a business but I didn't set the right foundation. I wasn't doing any personal development, I didn't have a clear why, I was a horrible upline to my builders, I wasn't doing any coaching with my own upline, and, unsurprisingly, I got overwhelmed. I lost all joy in my business and was driven by nothing but wanting more, which just isn't me. So, in June 2016 I realized it was time to take a step back and re-evaluate what I was doing in doTERRA. I spoke with my builders and my upline and let them know what was going on. From June through October I placed my 100PV orders and made myself available for my existing clients but didn't try to make any sales. Most importantly, I finally started that personal development that is so important. I began to develop my why, I started to think about my own voice in doTERRA, I cut myself a break if there were things I knew I wouldn't be able to do, and I listed some very manageable, short-term goals. In October, I felt ready to come back and work the business with integrity and authenticity. I started contacting customers and businesses to schedule classes. I emailed and called people who I hadn't spoken to for months and was honest with them about the time I needed to take away and why I came back. Every single one of them was appreciative of my candor and willing to help however they could. I mentioned that I set short-term goals for myself. My first goal when I came back was to re-build the OV that I had before my break. I did that just from contacting my existing clients in October. My second goal was to hit the new rank of Premiere. I still had one active builder and another leg with a good bit of volume, so I knew it was possible. Thanks to a ton of support from my team (upline, builders, sharers, and customers alike) and a successful class, I was able to reach Premiere in December. My next goal is to find two more builders. I know that I'll reach it as long as I stay true to myself. I honestly feel like I'm in such a better headspace to build a business now that I took a break. I'm finding it really empowering to be seeking out like-minded people and sharing not just my passion for essential oils, but the topics that are most important to me, like emotional aromatherapy and oils for pregnancy and children. Having a clear why has helped me find my voice, given me direction, and has made all the difference in my mindset and my success. I'm so glad that I took the time to reset and I'm ready to smash some goals in 2017!

Nichole Johnson is an Elite level wellness advocate from Montgomery Village, MD. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since April 2016 . Nichole enrolled 5 new wellness advocates or customers in December and 8 already in the month of January. Here Nichole shares about planting now to reap in the future, and utilizing social media.

Tips for Success

Aleena Steele is a Premier level wellness advocates from Keymar, MD. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since January 2014. Over the past few months she's been a standout leader in the areas of passion, perseverance and leadership. Here she share on taking action when things feel slow.

Take Action

As I think back on the last 2 years, something significant has changed in my life. I am using words and phrases I never thought I would, like "essential oils" and "healing my body from the inside out". I'm producing an income and I have a deeper call on my life. But what has made that change? I wanted to try and sum up just a few of the lessons I've learned that have helped me grow as a person and as a small business owner. 

If I hadn't heard it a million times, I had heard it many, haha, get a mentor. Do mentor calls once a week. It will change your business. Not that I didn't believe those saying it but I thought that I was on the right track. Digging in and doing all the things apart of our teams duplicatable plan. I was asking for help here and there when I felt that I needed it. And I did well, but I didn't thrive. It was hard, frustrating and lonely. Then I went to Elite retreat, then Convention and really got into my head that just maybe, I could benefit from mentoring calls. That's an understatement. It's changed my life! Oh, and my business. In that order. Not anything like I thought it would be. For everyone, this process will be different. Telling you the details of my weekly calls won't necessarily apply to you, although the principles will. In short, try it for a month. Contact an upline above you and ask if they will give you a month's worth of calls. Feel scary? What if they don't have time? I've never meet them. It's the same thoughts I had and I messaged someone anyway. 

One other thought that has been a recent practice of mine is laughing when facing defeat. Let me give you an example. I've stood in my office, with my lists in front of me and felt defeated. The classes I had scheduled this month just got canceled. Everyone I've tried to contact this week hasn't called me back. My list of 50 is spent. There goes my business down the drain. Ever had that feeling? It's happened to me more than once. Defeat is nothing more than a feeling that arises because of the circumstances in front of us. I can't always change the circumstances and I can't change my feelings but I can change my actions! I smile as big as I can, apply an emotional oil (usually motivate to my wrists) and find someone new to contact. Smiling makes our brain think it's suppose to be happy. The more I smile with my whole face, the better I feel. It usually ends in laughter, partially from feeling silly and what would someone else think if they saw me. I do whatever I need to do to find a new contact. Look through facebook friends, email contact or my phone's contact list and just message someone without a second thought. I usually send a few before I can even think what I'm doing. It gets me moving again and feeling more positive.

So in short, success requires action! So take action today and make a change if you're not happy with what's going on in your life :)

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