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February 2017 Wellness Advocate Share

February 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from January 2017. 

In the past three years of growing an essential oil business I've had the blessing of getting to know literally hundreds of new, amazing people. This increase in relationships all along the friendship spectrum has given me the benefit of learning more about people and relational dynamics than some are lucky to learn in a lifetime. I often step back and look at the group of dynamic, inspiring people in my life and simply thank God for this gift. 

In knowing so many people, I can often see the path business partners are heading down before they see it themselves, simply because I've likely been in connection with someone who has already traveled that path. In these moments it becomes imperative that you have a true relationship with the other leader. Otherwise you will have no ability to speak into their lives in a way that will save them time and energy.

As a less mature leader, I first began to approach these moments with no care for the underlying relationship. I soon discovered that critical communication devoid of relationship is a caustic combination that often leaves both parties hurt. At the best, I tended to push people to burn out, at the worst, some of the best leaders in the business structure below me quit.
It took me falling flat on face to understand the importance of relationship in building a truly solid business, and I discovered in the process... it's a lot more fun!

So if you feel like you are "losing leaders", "losing fun" or maybe "losing your mind" in this business... consider the value of relationship, put it first, and see if all of the above can begin to blossom!
Maggie Dubois

Megan Brown is an Elite wellness advocate from Hanover, MD. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since September 2015. Here Megan shares what it was like to go from "selling" to "sharing" essential oils.

Finding Joy as an Essential Oil "Sharer"

After only months of leaving teaching to stay home with my children, I was in no way looking for another business opportunity.  It wasn’t long into using oils, that I have found that people around me were really interested in how I was using the essential oils to better the quality of life for my family.  I started sharing with friends and family my knowledge and love for oils, and then learned that this could be a very doable business for a stay-at-home-mom like myself.  I do not consider myself a businessperson in the least bit and I would definitely not consider myself a salesperson at all.  

Throughout my first year of building my business with doTerra I had many ups and downs and learned a lot about myself and my place in this business. It was when I tried to become that “salesperson” I was the least successful.  During my first several months when I was excited about the product and sharing that excitement was when I thrived the most.  I now understand that I need to stay true to the reason in which I became a Wellness Advocate, to share the amazingness that is doTerra Essential oils!  That is when I was, and am, most successful in the business.  

The reason I took leave from teaching was to be with my children, so any time that I left them had to be worth it for me and for them.  Teaching essential oils classes and sharing oils allows me to have an outlet outside of being “Mom” all day long.  It also gives me pride to know that I am helping others improve their quality of life as well, which is the most important part for me.  When I hear stories from other moms how oils “saved their life” when their children wake up in the middle of the night with that cry that moms know all too well... Or when others email me to share that they are able to work out again without discomfort, that is when I know that I chose a business that is right for me.

 For me it is about “sharing” not “selling” and when I stick to that way of thinking the money follows. 

Judy Booth is an Elite level wellness advocate from Portsmouth, VA. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since February 2016 . Judy ranked as Elite for the first time in the month of December. Here Judy shares some of the lessons she's learned in her doTERRA journey.

Building a business "my way"

I joined doTerra at the end of February 2016 with the intention of only living doterra.  By June, I fell in love with the oils so much that I decided to begin doTerra as a business as long as I could do it my way.   My passion has always been to serve others and I thought I could help change so many lives with essential oils.  

Let me tell you, I was beginning a journey that I had no idea what I was in store for.  All I knew, I was not going to be that annoying sales lady.  So I thought I had it all figured out.  Well God sure does have a sense of humor.  I was asked to put a list of 50 together to begin this business.  I thought to myself there is no way I am going to do that.  I didn't need to do that because, remember, I was going to run my business my way. 

 Now I want to share a few of the lessons I learned.  
 I went to every webinar, zoom call, oil class etc that I could fit in.   The turning point for me was Maggie's challenge from last summer where we were assinged a partner.  That challenge forced me out of my comfort zone and was the beginning of a beautiful journey.   

Another thing that was a huge turning point for me was getting a mentor.  Having a mentor is so important and will help you in ways that you never thought could be possible. 
After reflecting on this past year, there were so many lessons I learned.  I will just share three of the lessons.

1. Have a teachable spirit.  There is already a successful system in place and its duplicatable.  Just follow the system and be willing and open to learn.

2.  Have fun on your journey.  There will be plenty of ups and downs but when you decide to have fun, you will be more real and relatable to people.  
3.  Have patience. (I'm still working on this lesson by the way)  I would get so discouraged  when the business did not grow as fast as I had planned.  One of the things that helped me in this area was to use the slow times to work on your Personal Development.  

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