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March Wellness Advocate Share

March 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from February 2017. 

Do you struggle in the comparison game? I know I do. I attend large events like leadership and come away excited and motivated, but there are definitely moments of comparison. It is hard not to compare yourself to another successful leader and wonder if you've got the "right stuff". 

Well, i'm here to tell you that yes... yes you do have the right stuff! In fact, not only do you have the right stuff, you have a unique set of strengths that ONLY you can bring to this business. The key is not to compare yourself to another person but to pit yourself against yourself. Ask yourself if you are truly leveraging your gifts and being true to yourself. 

Find your passion, find your strengths and find what makes you uniquely you. Live from that place. If you do that, then you will never have to play the comparison game again... because you've already won.
Maggie Dubois

Brandy Kisner is a Premier wellness advocate from Blountville, TN. She ranked Premier for the first time in February. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since November 2014. Here Brandy shares on how God used doTerra as a ministry opportunity in her life.

Selling as a ministry

My name is Brandy Kisner.  I am a Christian, wife, mom, and Registered Nurse.  I worked for 10 years in the ER and 3 in Same Day Surgery before quitting to stay home more with my children.  The one thing I noticed about all my patients, in both areas, was the fact that they were there to get a problem fixed.  I often would think, what could they have done differently to avoid all this.  I love preventative medicine, so I would read books and research things on wellness and prevention.  After having children I couldn’t lose stubborn I began to research diet, exercise, supplements, and essential oils.  Doterra fit right in line with my new lifestyle.  I was already teaching classes on clean eating as the Women’s Ministry Health and Wellness coordinator.  

I signed up for the oils and began to incorporate the teaching of them in to my classes. I didn’t want to “sell” anything but just teach others how they could improve their overall wellness by using God’s creations of food and plants to heal their own bodies.  After a battle with myself over selling oils, God spoke to me directly.  I had a man that I had known for years come to my house to fix our heat pump.  He had on a mask and began to tell me he has a rare cancer.  As he worked at my house, I had just started teaching only oil classes.  A little voice in my head (you know who that is) said go give him these specific oils.  He was worried about getting sick, so the oils were On guard and Frankincense for immune support. I battled with it and let him get all the way to the car before I actually went and told him that I had to give him these items and please don’t think I was crazy.  He began to cry and then told me that he and his sister had prayed to find someone that sold the good quality oils the night before and while he didn’t know what I gave him or understand anything about them, that it was God’s way of telling him “I hear you and I am with you”.

At this point, I decided that I didn’t have to “sell” oil they “essentially” sold themselves.  I was a vehicle to teach and this was a ministry to me instead.  That night after I listened to the voice and gave him the oils, 10 people messaged me to sign up.  I received the largest kit they had for the quick start.   So listen to the God’s voice, even if you think you are crazy.  His plan is so much bigger than our own.

While thinking of it as not selling it is such a blessing, I did learn that if I am going to do the business, I do need to structure it correctly.   I didn’t at first and I didn’t know how.  I had talked to a few of my upline but didn’t really have a good understanding of where to place all these people so quickly.  I have a hot mess on my topline.  I had made elite very quickly, but didn’t understand the business and wasn’t able to go the elite retreat the first year.  The second year, though, I did and it was amazing! My team has wonderful people and they taught me so much.  I have worked very hard to change my business mind and get going on the right track. 

 So, my advice to you is to reach out to your team and upline.  What you don’t understand let someone teach and help you.  It is important to help others that you enroll to understand it as well.   I wasn’t doing my ministry any justice to blindly going about the business side or for the people enrolled under me who were desiring to share it as a business too.  This month, after working on structuring and smarter decisions on where to place people, I made premier.   I am still a work in progress, but through my mess I have learned how to help others not make these mistakes.  I have made some wonderful relationships with my upline in other states that I didn’t know before as well.  They have become blessing to me.  I wouldn’t trade my hot issues for any of that! 

Sarah Wright is an Elite level wellness advocate from Arlington, VA. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since January 2017 . Sarah enrolled 10 people in February and ranked elite for the first time. Here Sarah shares some of the lessons in authenticity she's learned in her doTERRA journey.


Kristy Dunn is a Silver level wellness advocate from Johnson City, TN. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since June 2014 . Kristy enrolled 5 people in February. Here Kristy shares regular sustainable habits to grow your relationships and business.

Growth by connection

When Maggie asked me to share with you, I agreed without hesitation. Then, when I began to think about what I would say, it took me a while to decide. Last month was a good month for me. My business seemed to have stalled over the last year. I was working, teaching classes, doing the things I knew to do, but my business was not growing. I had one area that was continuing to grow, but like many of us, it was on my strongest leg where it didn’t help me with rank. In short, I became discouraged. I began to believeit wasn’t going to happen for me. I had read at least a dozen books. I could recap them all. I had watched countless webinars. I had studied up and could answer most any usage question off the top of my head.

While I may not have the best personality in the world, I feel that my social skills are adequate that I should be successful in this business if I was doing the other things right. I got so discouraged that I all but gave up. I started a whole new business. Last summer I got my real estate license and became a Realtor. I fully expected to have immediate success because I live in the community where I grew up. I know hundreds of people. I’m well connected at my church and in my community. Well, guess what? My voice mail and inbox were not flooded with people who wanted to buy or sell houses. So what was the problem? I want to share some things that I learned in my real estate training that is helping me in my doTERRA business.

1. In real estate, we are taught about top-of- mind marketing. This means when your friend hears someone mention the word “essential oils”, you want your name to be the first thing they think of. This doesn’t mean you flood your social media with business posts. I’m pretty sure I have people who unfollowed me when I was doing that. I unfollow people all the time, especially some who sell a particular skin care line, because I get tired of seeing their posts. I’ve never gone back and followed them again after a few months when their excitement died down. I take that to mean, when you lose a follower, they are gone for good.

2. Reading good books is important. I’m getting that same training in real estate. In fact, many of the same books are being recommended. Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are all books that have been suggested to me by the most successful people in both industries. Either the authors of those books have some serious blackmail on rich people, or they are full of truth and wisdom.

3. A specific training I am doing teaches us to write two hand-written notes a day, make 5 phone calls, and two pop-bys a day. I am adapting these principles to my oil business and it is making a difference.

a. In a technological world, we see SO much stuff on our phones and computers. I delete dozens of emails every day without opening them. I have NEVER thrown a piece of mail away that was shaped like a card, had my name written by hand, and had a return address of someone I know without opening it first. Who knows, it might have a gift card in it. The point is, it is about building relationships. If you get great service at a restaurant that you frequent, send the server a thank you note. I bet that will make an impression. 

I accompanied my grandfather to a surgery center to have a skin-cancer removed. The doctor and nurse were so patient, explaining everything to me and to him. I sent them a thank you note with my business card in it. When we went back for a
follow-up, they both thanked me for the card. With facebook, we have access to hundreds of birthdays. It might take a bit of work to get their mailing addresses, but I believe it will pay off. I usually message a relative and ask if they can get me so-and- so’s address so I can send them a birthday card.

b. Make phone calls. Have a list of people to contact and make sure you get it done! “Hi, its Kristy, I just wanted to call and see how you are doing. How is your family/job/whatever.” When they ask how you are doing you can say, “I’m good. I’m
working on growing my doTERRA business.” At this time you can ask them if they have ever tried essential oils, would they be willing to have a get together, do they know anyone who needs oils in their life. Don’t be afraid to ask. People respect that you are working and trying to build a future for your family. Just make sure they know the relationship is first and don’t feel used.

c. The third thing this program teaches me is to do pop-by’s. I have a database of names and every day I am to go to two and drop off a small gift. I made keychains and put a tag that said “you are the key to my success” and attached a business card to it. At that time, I ask for a referral. “Who do you know that is looking to buy or sell a house?” How easy would it be to give away a lip balm that you made with essential oils, add a little tag that says “you are the BALM” and ask them if there is anything you can help them with. This can be people already on your team who haven’t ordered in a while or a prospect.

4. Don’t underestimate the value of people already in your organization. In real estate, you will find people who refer you over and over to their friends and family. At that point, you have more than a client, you have an advocate. Who do you have that is your advocate? Do you have someone who isn’t building a business, but they are always telling other people to contact you about essential oils? If so, THANK them! Thank them generously. Tell them how much you appreciate it and give them an oil, or a diffuser necklace and ask them to keep telling their friends about you. You don’t know who they might send your way. It could be the next Christy, or Maggie, or Holly, or Monica!

In closing, I started with how my business has stalled this last year. Things are starting to move for me and I can see the potential for a lot of growth in the next few months. If you are struggling with discouragement like I was, don’t give up! The book The Four Year Career teaches us that there is a point where it feels like we are pushing a car up a hill and it gets hard, and we are tired, but once you reach a certain point, that car is going to go with or without you. THAT is what we are working towards. Scripture tells us to not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap what we sow. That is a true statement. It is our job to make sure we are sowing GOOD seeds! If we sow laziness and apathy that is what we will reap. Don’t forget the “in due time” part. Things don’t always happen when we want them to, but we WILL reap what we sow. 

Use this opportunity to sow into the lives of others. What we have can build health and wellness into people’s lives both physically and financially. Remember to build relationships! What would be the point of great wealth if we aren’t surrounded by people we love.

I pray God’s blessings on each member of my extended doTERRA family. May He bless your health, your relationships, and your finances.


Kristy Dunn

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