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June 2017 advocates share

 June 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features stand out Wellness Advocates from May 2017. 

Leading and training others is one of my favorite parts of my doTERRA business, though it doesn't come without difficulty sometimes. One of the more common pitfalls of new and experienced leaders alike is enabling rather than empowering.

Enabling is doing something for someone that they can and should be doing themselves. Empowering is doing for others what they cannot do for themselves, and being their cheerleader for the things they can do for themselves. It can be a fine line, and an easy one to cross when you first begin training new leaders.

Let's talk about a few enablement vs empowerment scenarios:

Situation 1: New leader has never run a class on their own and needs help
Enablement: Run the first class and the subsequent five classes for that leader. Provide the hostess incentives even though all the enrollments are going to the new leader.

Empowerment: Run the first class for the new leader, co teach the second class with the new leader, observe and assist the new leader in the third class. After that, co-teach or assist on a case by case basis. Provide one or two hostess incentives to begin, and then assist the leader in utilizing LRP points to offer future hostess incentives.

Situation 2: Leader does not have enough money to go to convention

Enablement: Before the leader even shares the situation with you, you offer to pay for the convention ticket, the room and help with the airfare. 

Empowerment: Leader approaches you about financial situation. You ask them in what way they think they can have some skin in the game in going to the convention. Together you craft a way you can assist them, while they create a business plan to help cover the rest of the cost. (example: you help with rooming expenses, they pay for flight, and they earn the convention ticket through a pre-determined incentive)

Hopefully those examples give you a better understanding of the difference between enablement and empowerment. Ultimately we want to help others create a successful business and find their why's and their way as a leader. This means that often we have to let them stumble here and there to find their footing, and ultimately the success they experience will be all the sweeter for it.

Get out there and be an empowering force in your world.
Maggie Dubois

Chris and Kim Paolucci are Elite Wellness Advocates from Herndon VA. They've been enrolled in doTERRA since July 2015. He and his wife Kim enrolled an incredible 10 wellness advocates in May. Here Chris writes about his experience falling for essential oils...

A Man of doTERRA: I’m in Deep...

Deep Blue that is! This was the convincing force that sold me on essential oils!

Let me back it up a bit. Knowing exactly when my wife Kim started, was a blurry timeline from my perspective. It seemed like one day she and Blair got together and shortly after she gradually started introducing the oils into our lives. I must admit, I wasn’t really paying attention at first and figured it was a harmless interest of hers, and I would just be cool with it and see if it comes and goes. That was far from what happened!

Between being an avid exerciser; weight lifting, snowboarding, running, yoga, and the long, hard days of working in AV and video production (sometimes standing for full days and lugging heavy gear), I somehow managed to fracture my L5 vertebra. I really don’t recall when it actually happened, but only recently has it really shown its nasty effects and started causing massive spasms, flare ups, and even sciatica in my leg. NOT FUN! I have for many years used all sorts of pain relief creams, ointments, as well as some pretty heavy hitting (and very addictive) pain reliving medications. Nothing was really helping and the pills were just causing more, and different problems! That’s when I was finally introduced to Deep Blue Rub. I was in love in a matter of seconds of the first application! Finally, relief; centralized, and fast!

After my experience with Deep Blue, I was fully open to learning more about these magical “Essential Oils”. With that, Kim would then be sharing with me what all her oils do and I started wanting to integrate other parts of my daily routine with essential oils. I could go on and on listing all the products that I use in my daily routine, but this article would be another page longer.

Not only does doTERRA make amazing products, but they also attract amazing people! Last year, Kim and I attended our first Elite Retreat out in peaceful West Virginia, to learn more about the business. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it was spending the weekend with our up-line, side-line, and all our doTERRA family. Not too long before, I was reading self-improvement books and “getting the message” that to be successful in life, I need to spend more time with people with the qualities that you admire and radiate good energy. Well, I sure found it that weekend! I had an amazing time and learned that there is massive potential to make a good amount of money by building a team of leaders to help you share in the wellness powers of Essential Oils! This was a mind-blowing revelation, and had Kim and I chatting up a storm on the way home on how we can make this work and implement more leadership activities in our lives to grow our business together. This past April, another amazing fun and educational Elite Retreat, (at Virginia Beach I might add!) reinvigorated our fire and reaffirmed that doTERRA is the path to our “Whys” and these are the people that we are blessed to share our journey with.

One of my favorite aspects of doTERRA is that it really allows Kim and I to work together as a team to help change people’s lives. We have never been closer than we are today and I am confident that Kim and I will be Diamond Level soon enough! Here are a few important concepts we practice that contribute to our ongoing and constantly growing successes:

Accountability – Being accountable to yourself is one of the most important practices in life, if you are disciplined enough. The beauty of accountability is that if you have trouble holding yourself accountable, you can ask someone to check in on a regular basis to ensure you are doing what you need to achieve your goals. It is also critical to any meaningful relationship. Holding yourself accountable and admitting when you have been in the wrong will take you far in life. On the contrary, don’t forget to take accountability for the achievements and successes in which you were involved…. Own em!

Service to Others – When you take actions based on selflessness and the genuine and sincere desire to serve others, it seems to come back to you in ways you may not expect. doTERRA Essential Oils are truly a blessing to other’s lives, so know you are not selling a product, you are being of service to others when sharing the wellness benefits. To get the maximum “feel-good” effect, purposefully do a good deed and tell no one about it. That is the ultimate spiritual booster.

Gratitude – Expressing gratitude improves mental, physical and relational well-being. Being grateful also impacts the overall experience of happiness, and these effects tend to be long-lasting. I express gratitude for all the blessings in my life as often as possible during the day. I envision my emotional well-being like a scale from 0 (Totally Bummed) to 100 (Sunshine and Unicorns), with a normal/neutral state being 50. By constantly living in a state of gratitude, I am allowing myself a buffer of positive energy and regularly living between 80-99(ish). When negative experiences affect my life, and knock down say 50 units, I’m only slightly down from a neutral state at 30-45 instead of 0 (that is if I haven’t been building up my well-being with gratitude).

With that, I am grateful for you taking the time to read my experience, and hope that something resonated. I look forward to continually growing with you as part of the doTERRA family! Wishing you many blessings of wonderful health, wealth, and happiness!

All the Best,
Chris Paolucci

Kathy Costanzo is an Elite level wellness advocate from Frederick, MD. She's been enrolled with doTERRA since March 2016. Kathy consistently enrolls others in doTERRA and puts oils on almost everyone she meets. Here she shares a few tips for forward momentum in doTERRA.

Despite not feeling "qualified" Kathy manages to put oils on people all the time. She says of this: "I do enjoy sharing my oils and putting them on people! It really just comes from my heart. If I know someone is having issues, I just fill up my little bottles and go over to surprise them with some helpful hints."

She shares a few examples of ways she's actively connected with others: "This week I mailed several packages out of oils with A-Z guides and copies of tear pads I have, to simply help some friends. One is a new mother and I sent her the small intro kit as an extra special gift. When I saw her last and we had chatted about life, and I ended up giving her my big bottle of lemon, just whatever I had in my purse and was left in the bottle. I carry it with me to use for my water and other things. Later, she had mentioned that she loved using the lemon in her water and diffuser too. But like I said, it was whatever was left in the bottle that I had in my purse, so it wasn't a whole lot. So I just took it upon myself to mail her the intro kit to try other oils and she would have more of the lemon. 
    Another friend in VA, whom I haven't seen in a couple years, but we've known each other since middle school. We stay in touch via Facebook and texting. She had read a post that I had mentioned my son getting a concussion at school and I was using frankincense for his headaches. She had contacted me about her daughter having headaches/migraines and other issues too. So I bottled up about six different oils and simply sent her what I thought would help. I wrote a long note with helpful hints on how to use the oils, some copies I made from my book, copies of tear pads, and also an A-Z guide to keep in her purse. She's contacted me after receiving the package and has already started using the oils. That just makes my heart smile! 
    I just recently got certified in aroma touch technique and am very excited about practicing on close friends and family! I got a massage table (it was used but in great shape!) and I've been going over to friends houses to practice! I know it makes them feel good, but it also brings joy to me! 
     As I said, I just really enjoy helping people and sharing whatever knowledge and oils I have. It just comes from my heart."
Kathy explained that she struggles with quick sales, but can see the silver lining of her method of sharing oils: "I guess you could say I am seeking more of the lifetime "customer" and being more of a friend rather then feeling like I'm trying to simply "sell" them something. You know what I mean?! So for me, I feel like I'm a slow and steady builder."

In sharing some of the ways doTERRA has blessed her: "I am humbled and blessed have met some amazing people through using dōTERRA. I'm still learning each day and slowly growing a foundation so I can continue to help people. 
    I was really touched the other day when watching your video. I love to send unexpected cards and also gifts of oils to friends! Just simply letting them know I appreciate their friendship, that I prayed for them, or simply that I'm thinking of them! Just simple acts of kindness brings joy to my heart and smiles to others! That's what life is all about!"

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