Friday, July 21, 2017

July 2017 Share

 July 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features a stand out Wellness Advocate from June 2017. 

How do you respond when everything seems to be falling apart? Life pressure is no joke, and depending on your circumstances, pressures can be overwhelming. Is there any silver lining to life pressure or is it destined to pull down your business? What do the top leaders in the business know about dealing with life pressure?

When disastrous or depressing situations come into your life, there is an opportunity in the midst of the pressure. Pressure pushes out everything that is on the inside out, and it is a chance to clean up our inner messes when they are most visible.

When things are going well it is easy to skate through life, not addressing internal turmoil or damaging belief systems that are holding you back. When pressure is applied those same damaging belief systems tend to bubble to the surface.

It is in these moments we have a chance to address them fully. To step away from other "must do's" and turn our attention to our inner self. While we all may seek normalcy in life, if we just hole up during these times, we miss and incredible opportunity to improve ourselves in preparation for the next upswing.

How are you using the pressures in your life? To stop you? Or to serve you?
Maggie Dubois

Aleena Steele is a Premier wellness advocate from Keymar, MD. She's been enrolled in doTERRA since January 2014. Aleena enrolled an incredible 10 wellness advocates in June. Here Aleena writes about a recent mental shift that made all the difference for her in her business.

Consistency or Mind Shift?

  As I was thinking about what to share, I reflected over the last few months. Since April, I’ve finally gotten back to Premier after almost a year of sitting at Elite. I’ve held that rank every month since and hit it earlier each month. July makes for my 3rd month in a row with 10 or more enrollments. Please don’t think of me as boasting, but I reflected on that and thought “How in the world has this happened when I feel like I’m doing the same thing I have been doing all year?!”
  I’ve taught 2 classes a month. Had at least 4 one on one’s. Done a booth every quarter. Made my two contacts a day. Mentor calls each month. All of these activities are part of the basics we learn and all very important to growth. So what changed? At first I was thinking I was being more constant, but when I really tracked my daily work habits, that didn’t seem to be it (well, maybe a smidge). What I really noticed was two big shifts in my mind set.
  The first was asking for help. This seems simple and somewhat unnecessary. Believe it or not, I never had a launch class in the first 2 years of building. I never had anyone else teach with or for me. I happen to love public speaking and teaching about oils was another opportunity to do just that. I ran with my business and did well enough. But after being stuck at Elite longer than I wanted, I started wondering what else I could be doing to help get me growing again. My wonderful mentor thought a launch class was a great idea and one of our great up lines offered to teach for me. I hated the idea of anyone driving out of their way to teach a few classes for me and that was the block. I didn’t see myself as worthy of others putting in effort for me and that translated into my not doing well because I didn’t see myself as worthy to do well. So, in agreeing to let someone pour into my business, it propelled me forward. It gave me a push to contact people on my “chicken list”. Reach into places I had not thought of and get great help with placements and structure. So whether or not you “need help”, ask for a help any way. And let someone pour into you!
  The second was a talk with my mom about my business. I talk with my on mom the phone most every day. She lives out of state. When I first started my direct sales business over 2 years ago, I remember her saying that it was ok if I didn't have a lot of people join or hit my goals, that it was just a way to have something else to do for myself (outside of being a stay at home mom) that I really enjoyed and help a few people along the way. I know she was trying to be helpful and supportive in case I failed or didn't do as well as I wanted. She'd say it here and there over the years. I never really paid much attention (so I thought) and would just mentally tell myself, she didn’t know how well I was going to do. In early May, I did an exercise that brought these memories up and that lead to remember a bold conversation I had with my mom in mid-April. I told her that I was shifting gears and taking my business from part time to full time (along with other details) and I was excited. But here's the part that stands out. I can remember feeling bold in my statements and as if I was standing my ground with her. Or as if I was trying to make sure she understood that things were changing and I didn't want to hear from her all that stuff she'd said in the past. She of course was supportive and excited for me. It now makes since that I see the shift because I believe that conversation broke a mental block for me. I believe that not disagreeing with her out loud produced a block in my business form a mental stand point. I still would not confront her each time over the phone, but if anyone says anything like this to me know, I find time alone and speak out loud the opposite of what’s been said. That way I can keep my mind positive and focused on what I am as a business builder and not stay in the “safety zone”, which doesn’t grow in the way I wanted it to.
  I hope this made since. I’d love to talk with anyone more about this. I also found the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill very helpful with positive self-talk. But it’s also so much more than that ;)
Many Blessings, Aleena


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