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August 2017 Advocate Share

August 2017 Advocates Share
This month's Advocates Share features a stand out Wellness Advocate from July 2017. 

Holly Miller is a Platinum wellness advocate living in Colorado. She's been enrolled in doTERRA for 4 years. Holly is my inspiring upline and has amazing wisdom to share. Here she shares her tips on achieving massive enrollments.

Massive enrollments and LRP follow ups 

For me the key to massive enrollments is simply a numbers game!  The more people you put yourself in front of the more chances you have to get enrollments.  

How to get in front of a lot of people:

I tend to do a lot of booths, simply because I like it,  I like people, I like to interact with people, I love to see a new person be exposed to our oils for the first time, I am passionate about my business and about helping others!  Doing booths can be the fastest way of sharing with the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time.  You also have to be doing the right type of booth.  I tend to pick booths that are geared towards people looking for what I have to offer.  Metaphysical, holistic, healing, alternative, etc. are booths that will drive like minded people to.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have done extremely well at small Farmer’s market type of booths as well, but those will be more challenging to find the right buyer!  BUT, if you had the choice of doing a farmer’s market (or the like) booth or doing nothing at all, obviously getting your name out there, exposing more potential customers/business partners is going to be worth doing.  Plus they tend to be much less expensive too!  

Use your oils in public!!  Sounds crazy right, use your oils…..  I can’t tell you how many conversations have ensued simply because I use my oils!!!  Imagine talking with someone and during the conversation you take out a peppermint beadlet and pop it in your mouth to then quickly offer them one as well “would you like a peppermint breath mint?  They’re amazing” – to then carrying on your conversation about whatever!!!  Do you think that experience is going to have them asking you some questions???  Of course it is!  Viola, now you have just opened up a reason to get their phone number, to schedule a time to sit and chat, zoom or whatever!!!  AND yes, GET THEIR number, don’t just hand them a business card, yours will just end up in the land fill like the millions before you!  

Schedule classes from classes!  Now, I have to admit, this is NOT my strong point, but I do know that if done right they are VERY effective!  If you can capture all the attendees information upon arrival offering door prizes etc. you can also ask to the point questions, knowing exactly who would be interested in hosting a “class” with a group of their friends and family!  Maggie is the queen of this method!  Ask her how she does it, borrow her ideas for materials she uses, etc.

Cold call!!  Scary right???  Yep, may be a scary thing to do, but really what do you have to lose??  They don’t know you!!  So, tips before picking up the phone, know your potential customer….  I tend to target businesses that I know I can add value to, ie: Spas, wellness centers, chiropractors, day care centers, Yoga studios, etc.  I then go online and do a little bit of research – find out who the owners or decision makers are, what their mission statement is, how they got started, etc.  I then have something I can reference when asking to schedule 10 minutes with them.  It works really well, if you can connect with them on a personal and professional level, the more you know about them, the better!

Ask for references from your customers!  Do it!!!  If you went to a restaurant and had a great meal and they asked if you would refer them, would you???  Especially if there is something in it for you, like a $5 coupon off your next meal!!!  Ask yourself, do you give amazing customer service??  If the answer is Yes, then why are you holding yourself back from asking a favor of them???  Trust me, people love “doing favors” for others, it makes them feel good!!

I am sure I must be missing some other great ways to get massive enrollments, but for now, this is going to give you a good start!

Follow up LRP’s

Schedule your follow up with them at the same time you enroll them!!!  Show them from the moment you meet them that you are going to be their personal support by booking your time just for them!!!  Let them know that during this time you will be there to answer all their questions, show them the ins and outs of their area on the internet, how to use that place to look up oils, get the best bang for their buck, be part of the oil of the month club, etc.  

Incentivize them!!  Be prepared to help them get on LRP and send them a gift for doing so!!!  It doesn’t even have to cost you money, maybe just some time – ie: AromaTouch Technique!!!  How amazing are these??  People LOVE them!  If you are not yet certified, I strongly urge you to find the nearest class to you and get it done!!  You could also send out inexpensive gifts like an empty roller bottle and a recipe guide on different remedies, or a oil keychain, sample packets, etc.  The sky’s the limit, this is your business, take control and have FUN!!

Do what you say you’re going to do!  If you tell them you are going to call them, you darn well better pick up the phone and make the call!  You will lose more customers/business partners faster than you can say LRP if your word is of zero value!!!  Be your own best person – ASK yourself, would you follow you???  If the answer is no, then you’ve got some work to do!!!  

That’s all I’ve got for now!  Until next time, oil up and be happy!!!  


Holly Miller
Platinum Natural Wellness Coach
dōTERRA Essential Oils

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